Feed Your Brain

What do we need to feed our brains? There is so much hype out there, you can’t open a magazine, read a blog or avoid an add for a new diet trend. Unfortunately they’re usually high-sugar and high-fat diets, both of which tend to lack beneficial micronutrients like the anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Many diets take away vital fruits and vegetables.

Goals Goals Goals

You can’t always control the events of your life, but you can control what it means to you. You can’t always control what’s on the outside, but you can control the inside, how you respond.

Embrace Mondays!

One of the facts we know with our brain, is that what we focus on becomes our reality. If we are focusing in on all the negatives, then it becomes our reality and its much more than positive thinking. It’s more about changing our belief systems, and what we believe to be the truth.

The Art of Constructive Waiting

A client I was working with the other day, said she was time poor and it didn’t matter how much she had written in her diary, and how well she was tried to manage her time, she was still never had enough time.

The Body Image War

A lot of women want to be healthy, fit and beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with that but lets love ourselves and be good to our selves. It’s time we started to love being who we are.