About Me

I am a Health and Wellness Advocate. I am passionate about consulting, coaching, mentoring and counselling especially in the areas of mental health, aged care and dementia. I enjoy providing support to people through education and training.

With over 20 years experience as a clinical counsellor, Degrees in Counselling, Certifications in NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Neuroscience, Brain and Behaviour and Dementia, I have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and practical experience to draw from.

I developed my programs Healthy Happy Brain, Unmasking Dementia and Being Dementia Aware
as part of my own journey with my mother and father who both suffer from dementia. I wanted to promote the importance of prevention and empower people to take control of their health now so they can life a full life later.

My program Change By Design is based on a life coaching model, it helps people identify and break free from negative mindsets and limiting behaviour patterns so they can focus on reaching their true potential.


Qualifications and Certifications:

Bachelor of Counselling
Clinical Counsellor
Certification in Neuroscience
Bachelor of Dementia Care (intern)
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Deep State Repatterning™
Mindshift Strategist
Mind Fitness Coach
Registered Mental Health Practitioner
Accredited Work Cover Provider
NDIS Disability Therapist
TAA Training and Assessment
Accredited Clinical Supervisor

What I Can Do For You

With over 20 years experience I am uniquely qualified to help you.

I offer Professional Supervision, Workshop Facilitation as well as Training and Assessment.

My online programs cater to anyone wanting to improve their lives and achieve permanent change.
Whether you want to improve your mental or physical health, overall wellbeing, change negative thought patterns or limiting behaviour, my programs will help you reach your goals, live a fuller life and achieve your true potential.

Create the life you want today!

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