10 Things To Do When Things Get Crazy

We all have crazy households sometimes, I know I do and some of the people that I work with do as well. Sometimes its just learning a few basic things that help take away the overpowering situation and helps give us some perspective.

Here are a few helpful tips that I find work for most overwhelming and crazy situations.

Visualize the “overwhelm” and push it away. Its helpful to use your hands and do a pushing away action. Surprisingly, this action helps put space between all of the stuff going on and gives us space to look at things a bit better.

Mind Map
I love mind maps. Just grab a big sheet of paper and draw a circle in the middle with you in it. Then draw a circle around the big one for each issue. In each circle write what’s happening and all the things you can think of that are being affected by that issue. It helps you get stuff out of your head and put it in front of you so you can see the whole picture.

Take first things first prioritize what needs to be done today use the mind map to work it out. Then look at it a bit at a time. When tomorrow comes look at that and so on. Helps you keep the priorities as priorities.

Know When to Say No
Know when you are not in a position to help others, get your own house in order. Sometimes things get crazy because we commit to too many things

Know Your Stuff
Know what’s your emotional stuff and what’s some one else’s. You can only deal with your own stuff.

Accept Help
Graciously accept the help that comes your way when it is offered. Pride isolates us and makes us carry burdens alone, unnecessarily.

Laugh or Cry
Expect emotional turbulence. Tears of laughter or sadness can both wash away emotional storms. When in doubt, choose laughter

Imagine the Possibilities
Turn situations around, reframe them, look at them from a different angle. It gives you a chance to change things

Say Thanks
Express gratitude for the people and the circumstances that are in your life. Keep a gratitude journal, to write things down. This helps you to remember the good stuff when you are having a bad day.

Soul Food
I love the serenity prayer, it helps me refocus. There are things we cannot change, particularly other people. We can only change ourselves and the way we look or respond to things. Look at you, stop trying to change them.

I Accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and have the courage to know the difference.