New Years Resolutions Already a Dirty Word?

Are you sick of hearing ‘Do this’, ‘Do that’, ‘Do Something Else’ from everyone? Is your inbox full of the ‘what to do’, ‘How to do it’, and ‘We will show you how’ emails, I know mine is. Do you need a short sharp shiny version that gets you somewhere? Well this article is for you.

Change something, doesn’t matter what, just change it.  Making a change, changes your state of mind, your emotion, you own it and it starts the ball rolling, then you can focus on something else.  Once you succeed with one change – Repeat Repeat Repeat.

With the New Year well on the way, it is definitely time to move on with what it has to offer. Most people think about their new years resolutions, write them down, even commit them to memory.  Some write up vision boards and work out their goals.

All this is commendable and doable, but as we come to the end of January how many of us look at those resolutions as dirty words.  How many of us feel frustrated at having already fallen off the wagon.

Here are some simple tips to help you get motivated and back on track:

Declutter and Re-Organize

If everything around you is cluttered and disorganized, chances are, the inside of you is the same.  To regain some focus, start to organize around you.  Throw away or re-gift Christmas presents you don’t want – don’t just put them in a corner or drawer for later.  Pick a room, a desk, a wardrobe and go through things.  If you haven’t worn it in a while, bless someone else with it.  Clear your work space, file away papers, make some lists.  All of this will help to eliminate distractions and get you focused.

Create New Habits

Ever heard the old saying, it takes 21 days to form a habit.  It’s actually quite true.  Doing something regularly for 21 days starts growing a new neural pathway in the brain.  Start with one habit instead of trying to change all of them and you wont get overwhelmed.

Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

This is my favourite.  So many of us hang on to baggage that no longer serves us, and we carry it around like a suitcase or a backpack.  Find ways to let go and move on.

Learn to Get Sisual

Visualization is a great tool for getting present with your future goals.  Think about what the end of this year would look like.  How would I feel? Where would I be?  Learn to step into the visualization and really connect with it, then you can own it, become more energized by it and it will help you be more focused.

Be in Control of Your Mood

Happiness, joy and contentment come from within.  No one else on the planet can make you happy.  Become your own motivator, look for activities that make you feel good about who you are and make it part of your daily routine.  Make a decision and then take action to complete it and keep it in your focus.

Get Good Rest

Life is made moment to moment, don’t get so stuck in business that you forget to make memories of the moments.  Like the old saying says –don’t forget to smell the roses.  You can’t get back TIME, so spend it wisely.