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Success Stories

What They Say

Sara, 33

When I started seeing Rose I was pretty discouraged, Id been sick for years and was worn out and fed up.  I had a lot of childhood issues and abuse I had tried to deal with but had tried a few counsellors and it just didn’t seem to work or make things better.  I just felt more depressed more out of control and wound up in hospital a few times for hurting myself. It was too much to deal with and I couldn’t cope.  Eventually I found Rose.  She is amazing.  She has helped me to deal with past hurts and issues, improve my focus and concentration, she has helped me through a crazy stressful job, getting another job, losing that job, being unemployed and then finding another job.  She was so helpful and effective even my husband began to see her. Ive recommended her to family, friends and work colleagues and everyone who has seen her has been happy with the results.

David, 50

Life coaching gave me the strategies and tools of how to deal with my family.

Nathan, 55

I had thought life counsellors were for people who had really big issues, so I put it off.  I discovered it helped me gain some perspective with my life and I can move forward.

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