Rose facilitates workshops, education and training for groups covering issues including sexual abuse, self-esteem, eating disorders, healthy image, ageing and more.

Rose has spent many years working in Aged Care as a counsellor and workshop facilitator for carers. Through this she has helped carers understand dementia, depression, resilience, self care, the transition into care as well as grief and loss.

Rose consults with several Aged Care Providers on a regular basis to provide training and set up family support services within the facilities. This promotes a healthy positive culture and ensures everyone is working towards achieving the same goals.

Roses training provides staff with an understanding of the brain and dementia, young on-set dementia, the ageing brain and behaviour, transition into care, dementia and sexuality as well as grief and loss. Through this training they are better equipped in supporting clients and their families and are confident in achieving outcomes.

Rose regularly facilitate workshops and educational training based on client needs. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.


Roses professional expertise is instrumental in providing residents and families of Huntingdon Gardens Aged Care Facility with a helpful, positive approach to coping with feelings, experiences and emotions of having to place an elderly loved one into aged care. Her knowledge and experience specifically relating to Dementia Care has been a highlight of our staff’s training calendar with sessions at capacity.
Karen Wall, Assistant Facility Manager

Rose is Passionate, Engaging and Confident in her presentations and workshops. With years of experience Rose quickly establishes relationships with people and is a highly sought after presenter in both the Aged Care sector and Mental Health. It is my pleasure to recommend her
Vicki Petrakis, Art Bridge Community